Marks11 is a content and database management system (CDMS) able to implement and expand virtually any web-based project flexibly with the programmer. These include e.g .:

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Configurators
  • Marktplaces
  • Onlineshops
  • Booking platforms
  • Corporate websites
  • Magazine
  • Social platforms
  • Blog systems
  • Compare platforms

For administrators even the most complex structures are easy to use.


Marks11 based on the ZendFramework and uses as Object Relation Mapper (ORM) Doctrine.

We speak in Marks11 of a Content & Database Management System (CDMS), that lets create and edit not only content, but also database structures.
The software makes use, from the very beginning, the principle of object-oriented programming. Based on the ZendFramework is the MVC (Model, View, Controller) implemented and the data process its made available on ORM. Each data-tuple corresponds to a particular model and number of the same models become a Collection of a class.
To represent all possible complex structures and be able to work as an administrator the fastest way we have developed an important number of useful form elements, which are needed to edit Models.
The following relationships between different data can simple be displayed as:

  • Child of Parent
  • Position
  • M to One
  • M to One with Translation
  • M to One with Value
  • M to One with Translation and Value
  • M to N with Translation
  • M to N with Value
  • M to N with Position
  • M to N with Value and Position
  • M to N with Translation and Position
  • M to N to T
  • M to N to T with multiple Values
  • M to N to T with Position
  • M to N to T with multiple Values and Position
  • M to N to T to Y
  • M to N to T to Y with multiple Values
  • M to N to T to Y with Position
  • M to N to T to Y with multiple Values and Position
  • Date
  • Datetime
  • Decimal-Input
  • Integer
  • Short-Text
  • Long-Text
  • Password
    • with link to Media-Browser
    • with link to MediaImage-Browser
    • with different ViewHelpers for DataOutput
    • Template-Creator



We have placed from the begining our focus on the safety and encapsulated sensitive data from the public domain.

From the outset are all the resources - ie both media uploaded through the system as well as content that can be created provided with a role, which allow access thru the ACL to only certain users or user groups.
We also have to mention that you can assign interrelated roles in one kind of simple chain structure. It is also possible to create equal roles and be managed accordingly.
Basically, all requests are tunneled to the system through the "index" file.
Both the logic than the data are in the non-public areas. With exception from only media that can/should also be seen by the guest user. These are deposited in public areas to keep at its high-performance queries.


Marks11 is designed so that the database or the corresponding model could be expanded or dismantled if necessary. The design is separated according to the MVC of the executed layer.

Performance, and scalability BigData

Due to the ORM-structure, it is possible at any time to change the database or to adjust it. Excessively high loads will be changed the programming to clear memory intensive Doctrine to the L8Msql allowing fluent processing of large and especially of complex structures.



Marks11 has been developed since March, 2010 by Norbert Marks and his team in Berlin and New York and is being used successfully today by about 200 companies in Europe and the USA. The origin of the system lies in the dissatisfaction with the previously existing systems, which are simply too uncomfortable for both from developer point of view as well as from the operator point of view. In April 2015, was released to the general public.